SCPL got “Plasticon Awards declared by Plastivision Foundation” in year 2015.

SCPL was aptly honored as the ‘Fastest Growing Packaging company in India’ in the year 2015 at the Plasticon Awards declared by Plastivision Foundation.

Scorpion Group of Companies was founded in the year 2000 and is headed by Mr. J P N Singh who has vast and rich experience in the field of Pharmaceutical manufacturing. The persistent problem of packaging of pharmaceutical and healthcare formulations needed to be addressed, since it required packaging which had to be such that it could help maintain the extremely sensitive characteristics and qualities of the different pharmaceutical formulations. As a result of this ‘SCORPION CONTAINERS PVT LTD’ (SCPL) was established. The complete production of PET bottles is from the best in its class machineries i.e. the Aoki machines & ASB machines which uses Single Stage Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM) Technology.

SCPL with a view of backward integration further diversified into manufacturing ROPP Caps & Plastic Closures in Baddi, catering to the needs of Pharma industry in particular. The ROPP cap manufacturing unit was thus started in December 2005, and was christened as “Miscorp Packaging”. Today Miscorp Packaging has incorporated fine tooling and stringent clean room classification adhering to Pharmaceutical norms.

With view of further expansion into making dry powder syrup HDPE bottles, Scorpion Group started a new EBM division “Ashoka Enterprises” since 2009. Ashoka produces various sized HDPE containers. Now we have forayed into IBM technology.

The SCPL plant at Pardi (Valsad), Gujarat, India, has been developed in the year 2011 as a facility to cater to the export needs of the group. The products manufactured in this plant are all having USDMF Type III certification.

Supplying material to the North East part of the country is a logistical nightmare. The topography is such that timely supply of the materials in a good condition is very difficult task. To cater to this need a new unit was set up at Sikkim and has been functional since August 2013.

In its foray into the Pharma packaging industry, SCPL focused most of its attention on stringent product quality and timely delivery. The decision to focus on quality as a critical factor was made because the Company had in its mind the highest quality controls that are required in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare manufacturing environments.


Our Vision is to take the SCORPION Group on a high growth track by establishing itself as a strong and supportive link in the total supply chain management of our associates. We resolve to provide packaging solutions, meeting the highest quality norms, with assured schedules and to eliminate the deficiencies prevailing in the prevalent supply chain. Our World Class Manufacturing facilities at Baddi (Himachal Pradesh), Pardi (Valsad, Gujarat), Rangpo(Sikkim), Tarpin(Sikkim) & West Boragaon (Guwahati) are dedicated to provide all the packaging solutions.